The arctic is experiencing extreme heat conditions since the 22nd of December and nobody seems to care. The arctic is not only the lifeblood of so many people but without it much of life on earth would not exist the way it is. We are going to keep burning fuels until our inevitable deaths. The article above states that by 2065 all sea ice will be gone due to global warming.

The Arctic continues to run a fever. Read more

On Thursday, the temperature there was almost 30 C warmer than average, and it continued into Friday morning. Ocean buoys recorded temperatures near the North Pole of 0 C or warmer. That’s right: It’s warmer in the Arctic than it is in Thunder Bay, Ont.

This isn’t an isolated event. Arctic temperatures have been unusually warm for the past few months, though perhaps not quite as dramatically different as we’re seeing now.

We must change or earth will get rid of us.