It seems ISIS is at it again with an array of sick videos and prompting extremists to carry out lone wolf attacks across the globe on New Years. Canadians and Americans and increasing security and police patrol near malls and hospitals on New Years.

Another sick photo from an ISIS sympathizer with a knife chasing our beloved Santa Claus.

ISIS seems to be growing in strength even through the offensive on the Capital Raqqa in Syria

ISIS Fighters Crucify man in town square for smuggling civilians out of the capital Raqqa.

It seems ISIS is yet to be defeated and they will not go down without a fight. The increasing bombings in the middle east appear to create more extremism and the ongoing struggle in the middle east only creates more world wide instability. As Al Qaida grows as ISIS retreats. Maybe its time for us to fix the problems in our own back yard instead of investing billions to destabilize regions.