Despite constant US sanctions upon the great nation of Russia, The election hacks are not Russian as Wikileaks further exposes government corruption and releases information stating that the source was not Russian.
We can continue to point fingers, however until we give up materialism we will continue to fall downward on the political scale and in our own lives.
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Here’s what you need to know.

Intelligence officials released a joint statement again on December 29, discussing how Russian hackers had infiltrated one political party’s emails. But WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have not changed their statements about the source of their information. In a radio interview with Sean Hannity in mid-December, Assange asserted again that their DNC emails and Podesta’s emails did not originate from Russian hackers.

Barack Obama, Informing the public and Russia that sanctions will be placed upon them, Their democrats expelled. All for a alleged crime that was never committed.

Russia announced they will not be expelling any US diplomats despite fierce US sanctions and criticism of their government.