While the US Government keeps working against their citizens, Russia seems to take a better approach. Proposing a ban on all cigarettes applying to anyone born after 2015.
That proposal would save lives, anyone opposed to such a ban would be giving their future children a higher chance to smoke and risk diseases. What has the US Government done for the greater good of the world? Bombs. Saving babies is a priority of the Russian government. Why isn’t it our priority? We should overcome this. Article Here

The Russian Health Ministry this week proposed a ban on selling cigarettes to people born after 2015, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports, even after they are 18, which is currently the legal smoking age in the country. That means a full prohibition of cigarettes would not go into effect until 2033.

The proposal is part of a document that details government efforts to curtail smoking in the country. Russia has already banned smoking in restaurants since 2013.
We can stop disease, corruption, pollution. We just have to stop it together.