The war on physical cash is coming to the United States & Canada as governments around the world begin to ban high denomination bank notes & India’s recent currency ban. (SEE: War on Cash: Australia wants to ban the $100 bill
As the war on cash begins, Their is no longer question. We will become a digital society with every single move tracked of every citizen, as other governments push toward the ban on cash.  (SEE: Greece Government Pushes New Regulation To End Cash

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Sunday signed an emergency decree ordering the country’s largest banknote, the 100 bolivar bill, taken out of circulation.

Banning bank notes is not in favor of small business nor will it help the economy, it will provide more distrust in the government and less opportunity as well as money for every citizen of the world.
There is nothing that the government wants besides complete control and world wide poverty. Our governments do not give, our billionaires do not help or feed the poor. Link Here ; 2 richest Canadians have more money than 11 million combined
The inequality is among us world wide and we will continue to shed light on that here at Liberty Usa News.