U.S. bombers carried out airstrikes on two ISIS camps in Libya overnight, defense officials said Thursday, part of an operation targeting militants driven out last year from their coastal stronghold. The evidence is clear that ISIS will not be defeated, they will just continue to shift their power and struggle to other countries around the world.
One U.S. official told NBC News that “several dozen” militants were believed to have been killed in the strikes. A nice way for Former President Obama to give his last goodbye to ISIS.

ISIS was believed to have about 5,000 fighters in the area at the height of its influence, according to estimates from the head of the United States Africa Command. However, that number is now believed to be around 2,000.

Precision airstrikes in support of Libyan government forces against ISIS were launched in August 2016.

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US has been spending millions to help fight ISIS militants they had paid to arm in Libya.

US drones “cleaned up” the operation by launching Hellfire missiles that killed several ISIS fighters trying to run to safety.
US has yet to beat ISIL in the ongoing war on terror that President Donald Trump promised to keep going on inauguration day on January 20th.