CBC News has once again flipped the script and has started acting their own president in office Donald Trump for no other reason besides the fact that Trumps Press Secretary, Sean Splicer attempted to tell the mainstream media that their facts are not always correct and should present 2 sides of the story in what he called “Alternative Facts”.
The Trump Team has since been under attack for supporting fake news by the mainstream media.
CBC News has since been running headlines likeLet us hope for a Donald Trump disaster

In the opinion of most of the American public. It is not democratic to be running falsehood headlines against the man in charge of the next 4 years of our lives.

Trump is a different beast altogether. Never before have we seen someone campaign like him, and we have no idea how he might govern. This is a man who stretches the truth or manufactures 96 per cent of what he says in public, spreading mistruths, exaggerations or outright lies. He can tolerate no criticism of any kind, adheres to no obvious standards of conduct and has outright rejected conventions of ethics and transparency. These are not modest failings. They are the cracking pistol warnings of a demagogue.

As seen from the headlines above from CBC. They are against a democratically elected official that arguably they helped put into office.