The Canadian as well as the US Government has once again bowed down to the power of the dollar and has backed a move to construct 2 pipelines.

WASHINGTON, DC. (NEWS 1130) – US President Donald Trump has signed executive actions to advance the construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipeline projects.
Barack Obama killed the proposed Keystone XL pipeline in late ’15, saying it would hurt American efforts to reach global climate change deal.

The reaction from the Trudeau government is positive. Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr says it will create more than 4,500 construction jobs. “We have been supportive of this from the day we were sworn into government and we believe that it’s a good project for both Canada and the United States and we’re very hopeful.”

Jobs are definitely a positive outcome from this bill, however we need to start looking toward sustainable jobs a build a proactive government structure where everyone can equally contribute to life on the planet.


Canada’s energy sector is thrilled with the news the Keystone XL pipeline has been approved. Tim McMillan with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is praising Trump’s executive order. “I think this is great news for Canada. I think it’s good news for North American economic development and it’s an announcement that’s going to mean a lot of jobs here in Canada.”

He hopes the TransCanada Corporation and US officials can negotiate new terms, saying this project benefits both countries and will help make Canada a more significant player on the global energy stage.