Nearly all of the populist politicians calling for immigrant reform and the elimination of free trade have been accused of Russian ties by the globalists.
Recently the globalists have even forced one of President Trump’s team members Michael Flynn to resign.
This is no shock however, most of President Trump’s team has been accused of Russian ties. See the shocking truth here : Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence

One has to wonder however. Why big government allow us to vote in a pro Russian president?

The pattern here is all too obvious. Every time the people have a chance to vote for someone who can impact their future, they are met with extreme force and propaganda from the globalists and far left groups.
The government in France is looking for an answer as to why the voters want Marine Le Pen and that answer provided by our globalist government is once again Russian election meddling.

Recently, the liberal government in France has been attacking Russia over election meddling. The proof is in the text here : France warns Russia not to meddle in election

The far right French politician Marine Le Pen, Who wants to tighten immigration laws and take France out of the EU openly speaks about her campaign being funded with Russian loans. Le Pen’s party asks Russia for €27m loan

Big government wants its citizens to fail. Without immigration and cheap work they have no goods to trade on the international market and therefore no money into corrupt hands.

One of the front runners of the Freedom party in the Netherlands Geert Wilders has been recently accused of Zionist ties from the far left opposition parties. Read more : Dutch Globalists Accuse Geert Wilders Of Israeli Ties

If we do not vote for freedom of our children the far left will continue to dominate our lives.
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