President Donald Trump has once again purged his white house team of opposition. No surprise considering the Clinton’s will not stop trying to denounce their democratically elected President Donald Trump.
National Security Council advisor Craig Deare was demoted by Donald Trump for the sin of expressing disagreement with administration policy. His removal is the second time in a month that this White House has lashed out at their own team for refusing to go along with the groupthink.

The leftist regime which is attempting to overthrow & denounce President Donald Trump has repeatedly betrayed voters, suppressed public information and repeated started wars abroad costing American lives and taxpayer dollars abroad. Some of those betrayals of the hard working American people include.

  1. The Syrian War : 
    – 500,000 innocent lives lost
    – Billions of dollars wasted on an endless conflict
    – Thousands of jobs lost due to the flood of migrants
  2. The War On American Jobs :
    – The U.S has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs since 2000 due to globalization and free trade
    – Selling millions of American jobs to China for profit
    – NAFTA Trade Agreement

    – Mexico Trade Deals
  3. Endless Oil Wars :
    – The Iraq War
    – The Yemen Bombings
    – U.S Funded Israeli-Palestine Bombings
    – Afghanistan
    – Libya – Gaddafi Conflict

    The U.S Government has failed on numerous occasions. View the proof : 5 of the Worst U.S. Government Failures

The shadow government within the United States has always been hungry for war.
Today Iran announced that it would be receiving $1B in weapons from Russia.
Is Iran Preparing For War In The Middle East? Russia To Send $1B In Weapons To Tehran

The absolute destruction of the World economy must be stopped. We the people have the power to stop it. Support democratically elected leaders.