The 4 richest Indonesians are wealthier than the poorest 100 million in the country. JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — A report on inequality in Indonesia says its four richest men now have more wealth than 100 million of the country’s poorest people.

Globalism is hitting us all. It hits countries where they need it most, in the poor uneducated, poorly funded government controlled areas.

The report released Thursday by Oxfam said Indonesia, with a population of more than 250 million, has the sixth-worst inequality in the world. Within Asia, only Thailand is more unequal.

It blames “market fundamentalism” that has allowed the richest to capture most of the benefits of nearly two decades of strong economic growth, concentration of land ownership and pervasive gender inequality.
Most of us would believe that this only happens in the third world. The truth is, we could not possibly be more wrong. Even Canada has a shockingly similar statistic. See : 2 richest Canadians have more money than 11 million combined

Indonesia and Canada have been hit by extreme globalism. The only question is when will the great land of America come crashing down due to globalization?

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has said that reducing inequality is a top priority for his government. A 2015 World Bank survey showed high levels of public concern about the wealth gap.

The report said Indonesia’s tax collection is the second-lowest in Southeast Asia and the tax system is “failing to play its necessary role in redistributing wealth.”
Tackling tax evasion is also crucial, Oxfam said, citing International Monetary Fund data that shows $101 billion flowed from Indonesia into tax havens in 2015.(Source)