The vast majority of Canadians in Quebec want an immediate ban on religious Islamic headdress.

Including the burqa according to The Repère communications firm in Quebec.
The polls have stated at least 60% of Canadians surveyed support the ban on the burqa.

The number is higher among PQ voters, with 69.9 per cent agreeing. Seventy-five per cent of Coalition Avenir Québec voters want the ban, as do 74.4 per cent of Québec solidaire voters.

Among minorities alone: 40 per cent of anglophones agree with the ban along with 50 per cent of allophones.

The Repère communications firm polled 750 Quebecers in all regions of Quebec, concluding 63 per cent of respondents agree with the old Bouchard-Taylor formula on religious symbols: persons in positions of authority, judges, police and prison guards should not be allowed to wear them. (36.8 per cent don’t agree.)

The Repère poll was conducted from Feb 15-18. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.8 per cent 19 times out of 20. Read the full story : here

Religious tolerance in Canada is falling very fast since the global rise in populist leaders.
The majority of Canadians in Quebec want a ban on the burqa and a sizable majority of all Canadians would like to see Canada slow down when it comes to accepting refugees. (Source)