A prominent gamer who has been live streaming his gaming adventures for charity has died in his own home at the 22 hour mark.
Prominent gamer  Brian Vigneault dies during live-streamed attempt to play ‘World of Tanks’ for 24 hours straight.

Video game website Kotaku recently explained the motivation behind superlong Twitch streams: “Marathon streaming has been a sort of long-standing fad among the Twitch community. Twitch titans like Sodapoppin and ManVsGame regularly game for a day straight, pausing only to eat, use the bathroom, stretch and respond to their chat. Hitting every time zone is an effective strategy for building your audience, which can lead to more donations.”
The causes of the gamer Brian Vigneault death during the live stream have been investigated by police and have found no foul play.

The Virginia Beach Police Department confirmed to The Washington Post on Wednesday (Thursday NZT) that it had investigated his death. The officers reported no criminal motivation or activity.

“There is no reason at this time to suspect foul play,” a representative for the police department told Polygon.(Source)