Exclusive: Harvard University physicists previously claimed to have made first-ever piece of metallic hydrogen on Earth

The World’s only piece of metal that could revolutionize technology has completely disappeared from a storage facility at Harvard University.

It was said to have been the only piece on Earth of a metal that could have revolutionized life as we know it.

But a tiny sample of metallic hydrogen – purportedly created by scientists at Harvard University – has disappeared, The Independent can reveal.
The tiny sample of metallic hydrogen which was stored between two diamonds at Harvard University has completely disappeared off the face of the earth.

When the researchers’ original paper in the journal of Science was published, the congratulations had flooded in with even some from competitors.
He is due to speak about his research at an American Physical Society meeting the next few weeks.
And, by then, Professor Silvera hopes to have reproduced the same result that saw people queuing up in his laboratory for a look at the first piece of metallic hydrogen on Earth.(Source)
Although the findings of the world’s only piece of metallic hydrogen do seem to be promising, even praised by many scientists. Many are starting to speculate that it may have been a mistake to create the world’s most powerful fuel source. Read all about the fears many scientists have about the new metal here : Physicists might have made a mistake in claiming to have turned hydrogen into a metal, experts say