The real criminality of the government of Israel is now so large that it is becoming impossible for the Israeli and U.S government to hide.
A recent study reveals the Israeli government is   ‘Poisoning Palestine’ and Children Are First Victim.

Palestinians in the West Bank are facing serious human rights violations and increasing food insecurity as a result of the use of toxic pesticides in illegal settlements, a fact-finding mission, cited by MEMO, has revealed.

A joint research project carried out by the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN) and the PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP) found that the occupied West Bank contains highly hazardous pesticides, which are banned by the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Half of the pesticides used within the areas under the PA’s jurisdiction are illegal, and five tonnes of them have been confiscated since 1995, according to the findings.

Dr. Meriel Watts, who took part in preparing the report, warned that the Israeli policies of control prevent the PA from restricting the trade and use of these pesticides.

“It is unacceptable that the PA, with one of the tightest pesticide registration and compliance systems, including not allowing pesticides that are banned in their country of origin, is thwarted at every turn by the Israeli authorities who knowingly facilitate the entry of banned highly hazardous pesticides into the occupied West Bank.”

The Palestinian residents, particularly children, living in villages and cities near Israeli chemical waste-producing settlements are exposed to contaminated soil and drinking water, and mosquito-borne, respiratory and eye diseases, the report added.

The recent discovery of the poisoning of children in Palestine by the Israeli government has spawned a organization entitled : “Stop Poisoning Palestine” which was launched on World Social Justice Day, 20 February. Do support.
Original post credits : Study: ‘Israel is Poisoning Palestine’ and Children Are First Victim

The people of Palestine have been under siege from the Israeli government for decades and it must be stopped. The children there are subject to poison, disastrous living conditions and constant bombings everyday. Just as recent as 5 hours ago many civilians were killed in a suicide bombing. View the full report on the bombing : Suicide bombers kill dozens near Al Bab