The Syrian war has spilled over into Yemen as heavy clashes and a suicide bomb claims 48 lives.
The U.S government as well as the Saudi coalition has started another extremely violent war as they try to redeem themselves from the failure that was the attempted overthrow of president Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

ADEN – A suicide bomber killed eight people at a Yemeni army base Friday as clashes between pro-government forces and Huthi rebels left 35 dead and five civilians died in shelling, security and local officials said.

Al-Qaeda, which has taken advantage of nearly two years of fighting between loyalists and rebels who control the capital Sanaa to entrench their presence in swathes of the south, claimed responsibility for the attack, the SITE Intelligence Group reported. Further north, in the central province of Baida, fierce clashes erupted Friday between pro-govt tribes and Shiite Huthi rebels, a local official said.

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