A US Army veteran has been charged with plotting a terror attack on behalf of ISIS.
The 25 year old man was charged with plotting to kill civilians and children on behalf of the terrorist cell ISIS.
We are slowly losing control of our country and nation abroad.

 A new threat to our nation by discharged U.S. Army veteran Robert Hester. He’s the latest example of a Muslim who served in our military that made the decision to side with the enemy by planning to commit a horrific act of terror against his fellow soldiers and civilians in the name of ISIS.

A U.S. Army veteran was recently arrested on charges that he plotted a coordinated terrorist attack on behalf of the Islamic State against civilian targets and military installations in Kansas City.

Federal investigators believe Robert Hester wanted to murder his former military comrades and civilians through a series of bus and train attacks to be carried out on President’s Day, the Washington Post reported Thursday.

The fact that A U.S army vet was officially charged with a terror offence is sickening and the rise of Islam within the military is causing terrorism even within our own armed forces.
Hester was arrested following a months-long FBI investigation during which the 25-year-old met with undercover FBI agents who were posing as ISIS operatives and expressed his desire to reap mass casualties in the United States.
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