Its February 25th 2017 and summer has not even began. Yet if you look over at South Africa at countries such as Kenya, South Sudan, Yemen & Somalia fall into the worst drought the nations have seen for over 6 years.
The drought is thought to get even worse as the summer begins as millions are beginning to die and livestock begin to parish.

The drought in Kenya is destined to get much worse and millions will die.
The worst thing about this is as early as December 2016 it was predicted this entire region would fall into drought and chaos. Everything is beginning to die in South Africa. Animals & People begin to starve to death. It will get much worse in Kenya according to the 2016 prediction : Drought to intensify in Kenya in 2017, new early warning system shows

The worst in only yet to come. People are becoming more and more desperate within Kenya less than 24 hours ago 1 person was killed when bandits raided a farmers livestock. See the story at Washington post : 1 killed as bandits raid livestock in drought-plagued Kenya

With the mounting pressure from the public on the U.S government and the UN about the worsening situation within South Africa the UN was forced to react. However a simple trip to the areas is simply only to calm the community down and will surely due little to help the people in these remote areas find food and security. (Read about the humanitarian visit here : UN relief chief to travel to Yemen, Somalia, Kenya

The UK has stated they have donated 100M to help South Sudan. However many reports are stating that the money they have pledged have already been allocated. In other words, The UK has already spent all of the money on other aid.

The vast insurgencies within these countries largely contributes to the famine and drought. All of the countries mentioned are going though Islamic insurgencies and various U.S bombings. The African crisis is man made. It has been brought about by the Islamic terrorists and the american government. Proof : African Hunger Crisis Largely Man-made – Experts